Monday, February 18, 2013

Jersey Mutipart - Resource that Produces MULTIPART Response and Client code to process it

Handling 'MULTIPART/MIXED'  using Jersery Apis.

Jars required:

a. ) jersey-bundle-1.13.jar
b. ) jersey-multipart-1.13.jar

Jersey Client to GET a Multipart Http Request


Lets build a client equired to GET a Multipart Response. This Response that has two BodyParts.

1. An xml Input : This is the first body part. It is an Xml representation for a JAXB object  ,MyEntity E
2. Byte[] array : This array of bytes is the second body part. This byte array is the content of the file produced by a REST resource

So the aim is to create a jersery client and GET a MULTIPART request.

                  final long resourceId = 1026l;
final String exportUrl =  "get Export Resource URL"
final String path = "/" + resourceId ;

Client c = Client.create();
WebResource service = c.resource(exportUrl );

MultiPart multipart = service.path(path).type(MediaType.APPLICATION_XML).header( headerKey, headerValue).get(MultiPart.class);

List bodyParts = multipart.getBodyParts();
String xmlResponse = bodyParts.get(0).getEntityAs(String.class);
byte[] exportedContent = bodyParts.get(1).getEntityAs(byte[].class);
System.out.println("XML  = " + xmlResponse);
System.out.println("ExportedContent : \n");
System.out.println(new String(exportedContent ));

/////////////// The FileExport Resource that would Produce this Multipart Request ///////////////////////

public Response read(@PathParam("id") String resourceId , @Context HttpHeaders headers,
@Context UriInfo uriInfo) // add other @Context arguments if required
          // process Request and fetch Xml Response Strinrg
           String responseStr = getResponseStrForResourceId( reesource Id );
           // build Multipart Web Response
           MultiPart multipart = buildMultipartResponse(responseStr);
            Response response = Response.status(status).header( headerKey, headerValue ) .entity(multipart).type(MultiPartMediaTypes.MULTIPART_MIXED).build();

return response;


  // build Multipart Data
   MultiPart buildMultipartResponse(String xmlResponseStr)
MultiPart multiPart = new MultiPart();
multiPart.bodyPart(new BodyPart(xmlResponseStr, MediaType.APPLICATION_XML_TYPE)).bodyPart(
new BodyPart(getAttachmentBytes(), MediaType.APPLICATION_OCTET_STREAM_TYPE));

return multiPart;

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